This is the first time that the famous and amazing photographer Annie Leibovitz shot Angelina Jolie to a Louis Vuitton campaign. Cambodja’s Siem Reap province was the chosen scenario to shot this amazing pictures, and it’s the same place where Angelina filmed for her famous movie Lara Croft: Tomb Raider and also where she took a souvenir home – a baby. 
What’s curious about this campaign is that Angelina has used less makeup than ever in her campaigns or photo sessions, the clothes she was wearing were from her own closet and the old look bag she wears on it, from LV, was brought from her home too. The photo session only took a few minutes, but appears that lasted an enormous amount of hours. The natural lights match perfectly the theme of the campaign and Angelina looks amazing and simply beautiful, even if she’s not wearing a lot of make-up products, don’t you think? About Annie's work, I can only say that it is fabulous, as always, and LV couldn’t have chosen someone else to give life to this campaign. Angelina said it was ridiculous the amount of money paid by Louis Vuitton, so she will give the most part of it to charity as usual.

Susana Santos


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