The August cover of ELLE US features the two stars of the brand new movie Friends with Benefits.
The ever so beautiful Mila Kunis joins the equally handsome and talented Justin Timberlake in this intimate,funny and beautiful editorial photographed by Carter Smith.

The shoot recreats a very lovable stay-at-home scenario with the glamour of fashion pieces (by the hands of the style Joe Zee,the creative director of ELLE) used by Mila and Justin,who go from steammy and sexy shoots to friendly and fun ones.
They are a really amazing couple in their new movie and also great friends in real life, one way or the other of one thing we are sure, this editorial is simply amazing!

Joana Cardoso


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  1. Anónimo says:

    oh, one word... BEAUTIFUL <3

  2. Marta L. says:

    These photos in bed are amazing They look really natural.

  3. Well, it's not fair, so much hotness concentrated on two people.

  4. They look so natural and pretty and cute! The pic in which Kunis kisses Justin on the nose is my favourite picture, looks so sweet and real. :)

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