When Mr. Giorgio Armani commented his collection, he said that always admired the Japanese civilization: “The captivating culture and the refined sense of aesthetic”; as a result of the designer was “profoundly moved by the tragic events unleashed by the earthquake last March”.

The collection shows the peace and serenity characteristics of the Japanese people, through the slim silhouettes.

But today I’m not focused in clothes, but in all the rest: make-up and hairstyle. The make- up and hairstyle were characterized by sculptural top knots and a geometric application orange eye shadow.

The credits go to Linda Cantello on make-up and Franco Gobbi on the hairdres.

Well, it’s a little obvious the the eyes found inspiration from the east culture. The orange eye-shadow with black liner, were an excellent complement to the whole outfit.

The hair went in the form of top knots and was complete with hair arrangmente, that differ between the models.

by Maria Aires de Sá

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