Certainly, one of the questions that all the amateur photographers ask themselves, it’s how can they be a fashion photographer and work in campaigns or photoshoots. In a photographer’s career (either amateur or professional), there’s a moment when he or she starts to think they’ve already done enough of free photographs, and begin to know in which área they see themselves working on.

Some of them choose nature life, others choose portraits or landscapes and then, there’s another part that truly wishes to photograph and cover fashion life – the aspiring fashion photographers.

So if you are in that amount of people who wish to enter into the fashion world with your camera as your best friend, you’re reading the right article. 

First of all, you’ll need a pinch of fashion and photography passion, and obviously, you’ll need some material to work with. If you have a small non-professional camera, don’t be ashamed or disappointed, there are good ones that make better photographs than some low-quality professional machines. But if you really want to make it like Annie Leibovitz or Patrick Demarchelier, you’ll need some professional support, and nowadays it’s becoming more and more easy to buy some really good cameras without spending big amounts of money (it’s all about the places where you search at).

Secondly, you certainly need trainning and to make lots and tons of mistakes in order that you can be a better and improved photographer – you MUST be and feel perfect in what you’re doing and never stop improving yourself.

Another thing you’ll need it’s a way (or many different ways) to disclose your work, so that you can show people what you’re capable of. Creating a web site, spreading little panphlets offering photoshoots and telling your friends’ friends that you can make really nice photo works are some examples of what you can do to make your way each step closer to your goal – the fashion world.

Advised by three people working in the fashion world, here are fourtips to succeed in the world of fashion photography:

Set up a portfolio
A photographer's most important tool is her portfolio, and this is particularly true for beginners who don't have an established reputation. The images you choose to showcase in your portfolio should be thematically linked to the job you're trying to get – still-life or product shots if you're going for an advertising gig, for example. But also throw in one or two other images to demonstrate your range. Strong portraits are always a safe bet, as they tend to stay in the mind of the viewer.

Pick a picture editor (or learn how to edit your photos like a professional)

Find a photo agent (optional, but not really accessible)

Get a gallery (or some place where you can show your portfolio)

With all of this tips and advices, you’ll eventually get wherever you want, you only need to never give up and take every short cut that the fashion world provides you – it can be your big opportunity knocking at your door.

And at the end, always remember that a career in fashion photography doesn't have to be an impossible dream, even if you’re often denied when you search for a career like that – time and trainning (mistakes included) are your best friends and with them you can reach what you want in your life.



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