You have probably seen many of her fashion editorials in Vogue, Elle or Vanity Fair. Danish photographer Signe Vilstrup has an amazing portfolio. Her style and lighting are very high fashion and pretty sexy, the permanent presence of feminity in her photos make her editorials feels approachable to the public. The warm light that always represents Signe Vilstrup make us feel inside the image.

This photoshoot is kind of a journey backstage, were you can feel the emotions thanks to the purple and blue lights, feel the rush because of all the hands around the model's head and body, and finish amazed by the gorgeous dresses. I have to say that Signe Vilstrup is one of my favorite fashion photographers, also is an inspiration. I love the soft femininity in the photographies, the warm and sometimes forced lights that she uses and her sence of style.

By LuisaVerdee.


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