Next August, when Vogue america goes out to the stalls, everyone who’s Sarah Jessica Parker’s fan will run to buy a magazine because she’s the next Vogue America cover.

Vogue's cover, August 2011

Photographs were, one more time, taken by Mario Testino, a huge photographer loved by all Hollywood stars. In this edition, SJP was next to her Husband, the actor Matthew Broderick and with their 3 children James Wilkie and twins Tabitha e Loretta.

She talks about Kate, her character in the movie I Do not Know How She Does It”, directed by DougMcGrath, with opening scheduled for September in the United States, and about her family and job (she left the position of president and creative director of the Heritage, line of brand Halston).

SJP says that she’s over Carrie Bradshaw, “I love playing it and it changed my life in many wonderful ways, but I'm not a freak of the shoe and also do not think about fashion all day.” She also says that she leaves the desire to produce for when you go out at night. "I tried to make myself more presentable today," while she’s wearing a yellow silk dress Gerard Darel, striped sweater, shoes, purse, Chloe and Chanel sunglasses. "But the chances of not being home when I leave in the morning are great," she says modestly.

Vogue America gives SJP her 6th cover, February 2002 (by Mario Testino), August 2003 (by Steven Meisel), September 2005 (by Annie Leibovitz), June 2008 (also by Annie Leibovitz), and May 2010 (by Mario Testino).

Vogue's Cover February 2002

Vogue's cover August 2003

Vogue's cover September 2005

Vogue's cover May 2010


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