Emma Watson is the main actress from one of the most famous sequels of the movie history – Harry Potter. Emma also known as Hermione Granger started her movie adventure 10 years ago and now it’s time for Harry Potter fans say goodbye to this incredible production. We say goodbye to Hermione but we will not say goodbye to Emma Watson – style icon. 

Emma grow up being Herminone and besides her work as actress she started to slowly gain the attention of the media, specially because she became one of the most stylish and well dress new talents worldwide. In the first premieres she was asked “who made the dress?” and she always get confused and couln’t understand what was the big deal about that – said Emma to newspaper Metro. 

On their first premiere the designers were unknown territory for her but since 2005 she started to get into designers wearing a Alberta Ferreti dress to the 2005 BAFTA’s and getting more stylish in the Premiere of Goblet of Fire, but still with designer unknown. At the Order of Fenix Premiere in 2007 she wore a navy blue silk gown by Chanel and she stayed Chanel lover for a long time as she bacame one of the most fashion girls of her generation. 

In 2009 she showed the world and Harry Potter fans that she could choose amazing gowns with a sence of amazing taste with a free-flowing vintage Ozzi Clark dress, in the Premiere of Half Blood Prince in London.  In this year she was also the face of Burberry London Autumn. Her love for vintage and for detailed garnements and haute couture started to show. 2010 brought us Emma in the Spring/Summer Burberry and also in an amazing dress for her Premiere of The Deathly Hallows part I. She wore a Rafael Lopez sheer black lace dress, contrasted with a voluminous, feathered skirt and she also make all the headlines with her new hairstyle that brought shorter hair and the Twiggy style back to the tops. 

In this past weeks, she amazed the fans and the media with another stunning look in the red carpet with an Oscar de la Renta from the Fall 2011 collection.  

Trough the years Emma grow up and her love for the designer grow up as well. She now is one of the most talented actresses from her generation and one of the most beloved of the fashion industry. She will feature for sure some future campaigns and surprises us with another dreaming gown

by Marisa Pinto and Marta Lino


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