What is so special about this fourteen years old actress? She has an exquisite style that has been growing up faster than her body. It is quite impressive the maturity of this little girl, her outfits barely need accessories like necklaces or rings; the statement is made by the fabulous garments that she chooses. In addition, her hair is just as beautiful as her face, is the perfect match between youth and maturity. Her favorite brand is Miu Miu and she always tries to use some of their clutches to give a little of color and fun to her outfits.

This cute girl dominates one of the most important statements of fashion: "Style is carried inside". Either if she is with a ponytail or with the hair down, she and her stylists know very well how to merge the innocent look with the sophisticated of the clothes she uses.

I love the way that she always looks simple, sophisticated and fresh. You look at her and you want to be that girl, I believe that it is because she loves the outfit she is using, also she loves fashion and she enjoys being the center of attention. Some of the grown ups should learn from this little girl, because since the first time she appeared in a red carpet she does it properly and with good taste. There is no doubt that this girl will be the center of attention of many of the upcoming red carpets.

By LuisaVerdee.

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