Surely you've noticed this color this season. The electric blue is here to stay! It’s a color that is accessible for all skin tones and fits any situation. It can be used to hang out with friends, to college, to work, for a gala, etc.. 
It's the color trend and if you have already seen some Fall / Winter 2012 collections for sure you found a lot of products with this color.

Symbolism: Blue is the color of purification, the one that has great power as disintegrating negative energies.  Promotes inspiration, kindness, patience and serenity, but electric or brilliant blues become dynamic and dramatic, an engaging color that expresses exhilaration.
The secret is to put one or two blue pieces / details in your outfit and combine them with neutral colors. 
And If you have not surrendered to electric blue yet wait for the next trend ... RED!
PS If you are interested in knowing something about the products featured please leave a comment!

- Catarina Bernardo


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