I didn't think of knitting as a trend, probably because I hadn't saw anyone doing it for so long, until I saw this picture on the Sartorialist.

Knitting is something I'd imagine my mom or my grandmother doing, but it seems like a whole new trend is developing. People are now knitting on trains, coffee shops, the subway and bookstores.
I did some research on the knitting scene in Portugal and turns out we have some knitting clubs around! Anyone is welcome to come by and learn or talk about their projects.

What do you think? Is knitting an upcoming trend?


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  1. Marta L. says:

    I've been reading some blogs about it. They have book clubs about kniting that are really goods. The range of books is really amazing.
    Sewing is also very trending I think, girls some years a go stop learning sewing an kniting with their grandmothers and mothers. Now with the global crisis: homemade, DIY, sewing, knitting are becoming hobbies and some people are creating their own business based on that :)

    For instance, in Urban Outfiters shop, in home products you have expensive patch-work Duvet Cover and if you learn how to do it, you can make your own it's more special.

    But with all the tech that we have, people need to take a break and knitting is a "fashion" hobbie :)

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