It's summer, and summer means Music Festivals! All over the world people gather to watch their favourite bands live and to catch up with new talents in music. Usually these events take a weekend and that means that you have to pack your bag. If you are lucky with the weather and with the place where the music festival is, you will probably need a bikini too.
So grab your favourite bikini, your jeans, some tops and shorts! Don't Forget that you have to be comfortable and also prepared to join the crowds.
The accessories are the final touch. An hat for the sun, your bag, lots of friendship bracelets (so you can trade them on with your new friends),a pair of romans and you are ready.
Play with the day and night. During the day dress fresh and floral trend, it's a music festival and the peace & love are always there. Relax at the beach or join your friends in front of the stage to hear good music. At night during your favourite concerts don't forget to be ready to go on a friend's shoulders to be closer to your favourite band and wear a denim jacket, U.S.A flag, so trendy and so rock and roll. Use tribal patterns, mix accessories, use bright colours and at night show your magnetism with strong colours.
Enjoy these days and stay peace & love.



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  1. denise says:

    i'm going to a 7 days festivals/camping! veeeeery good! but because of the artists/bands i'm going to see is all worth it :)

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