A trend needs some time for it to be established and although sheer clothing have been used through the year for celebrities amoung red carpets and some less unfortunate moments, 2011 and most precisely the Fall have been the stage for this almost new trend.

Designers bet on this trend in their Fall/Winter Haute Couture runways,some more discrete others showing a little more. However,street style fashion has probably been the biggest proscenium for this tendency and it shows off in the most variated forms. Some girls (and boys too) are a little more daring, not being afraid to show almost everything, others prefer to keep it simple or layer ir,using it in some more moderate ways.

Anyone can use,you just have to make it work according to your body and your likings,there's nothing more important in real fashion then being comfortable and having your personal style,after all who likes a copycat?

Joana Cardoso


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  1. I love this style, definitely not mine but it is really cool!

  2. Marie says:

    Não poderia concordar mais com o q foi escrito neste artigo! Acho q definitivamente esta é uma tendência q chegou para ficar, mas n há nada como cada um usa-la à sua propria maneira, adaptando-a ao seu estilo pessoal e tipo de corpo!

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