While some maisons put forward the return of the lady-like 50's style, the street imposes its law: the western chic. Using Pocahontas as an inspiration the streets are full of fringed vests, embroidered tops and sandals, this trend is irresistible because of its youthful and adventurous look. With lofty materials such as cotton, denim and leather colored in earthy tones, coral and turquoise mixed with gold and red.

The perfect way to get this look is using wide-brimmed hats, ethnic or cowboy boots, sandals, fringed totes and a lot of handmade-look accessories. The hair looks is good with some braids and the make up is very simple and natural. The way to display this look is making subtle accents in your garments, no making it the entire look.

By LuisaVerdee.

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