If it is couture, we are entering to the empire of geniuses. Haute couture is the only dreamer component of the fashion industry, a dream of luxury, that goes beyond trends and looks for sophistication without limitation. All this gorgeous garments are inspired by the most and less famous art works that had been presented, but now permeates on clothing. Haute Couture is the art of fashion design, inspired on the past but giving a new vision, a new entrance for the future.

    Geometric prints, knitted, metallic, sci-fi and touches of art nouveau, go hand to hand with the most extreme version of the intense and dramatic 20’s. The organza and the ruffles stay in the air making the clothes romantic, while the gorgeous tulle and the gradient remind us that the 'New Look' has been always classic. It is important to see how essential is art for this industry, how it can match perfectly with us, with everything. These are creations that are made to baste stories recalling the good old days of classic art. The best thing you can do is get impressed, admire and take everything we can translate to the world of mortals.

By LuisaVerdee

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