The Portuguese designers, José António Tenente and The Storytaillors have been created the costumes for the plays: Amadeus and As Lágrimas amargas de Petra Von Kant. This plays are received by Teatro Nacional D. Maria (theater) in Lisbon and are directed by Tim Carrol and António Ferreira.

The play Amadeus are inspired on life of Wolfgan Amadeus Mozart and António Salieri. The pair João Branco and Luis Sanchez, explain that the century XVII are so “rich and fascinating”. Designer’s researched clothes of Mozart and saw the Museu do Traje to understand the clothes of this period.

José António Tenente also faced the same challenge: match the request of the director António Ferreira. The play As Lágrimas amargas de Petra Von Kant (a German designer), portrays the environment of the beginning of twentieth century. The designer inspired on Paul Poiret and Gabriel Coco Chanel, both remarkable creators. Madonna and Anne Piaggi also inspired José Tenente.

On 8 September open the play Amadeus and on 15 September open the play As Lágrimas amargas de Petra Von Kant.

by Maria Aires de Sá


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