Choose a lipstick with a soft pink hue for feminine attention-grabbing lips. A candy-colored hue brightens your face and makes a subtle statement.

Apply sleek black liner in the corners of your lids for a spunky twist that will draw attention to your eyes. A very sharp pencil works, but liquid liner is your best bet for getting a cool, catty style. Chic and easy!

Brush black and grey eyeshadow on your lids and rim your eyes in thick kohl for a smoldering yet surprisingly daytime-friendly look. The best part about it is that though it will turn heads, it only takes a second—simply smudge on and go!

Step out of your comfort zone by applying a vibrant color like blue or purple across your lower lid. By keeping the rest of your beauty look simple, your eyes take center stage—and you don't have to spend hours applying your makeup.

There's no substitute for an all-natural look; adding just a bit of blush to your cheeks will add a flirty, youthful flush. To get ready in the morning, just wash and moisturize your face and sweep on some blush before running to class!

The amazing about this looks is that you just add a little rimel or lip gloss and you are ready-to-go! Also you can mix them to have a complet and stronger look. The idea is, have a nice morning makeup to go to school without loosing time and looking good.

By LuisaVerdee


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