Girls often have trouble choosing an outfit to wear on a first date. Of course you want to dazzle him, but you don´t want to give him a headache! Today I chose a few outfits that you can use on a first date to impress him!

My first suggestion is to go with a nude colour dress and also nude shoes. The combo looks really good and in case you don´t know, nude shoes make your legs look better.

You can also go for the lace, but don´t overdo it. just go with a little lace dress, in any colour and match it with some simple shoes!

And why not take that bold print dress out of the closet? Style it up with simple shoes and a simple clutch, you the dress to be the main focus of the outfit. If you have too much going on, your date will have a hard time focusing on you.

If you like using really bold accessories, just go with a casual simple dress that fits you perfectly.

Now, last but not least. Just go with a very simple outfit and out and amazing bold jacket over it! It will look amazing, I garantee.

I hope you liked this post! Please tell us what you think.

*all items are from asos*

Beatriz Crespo


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  1. soblushed says:

    nice post! e ideias mt giras, o rapaz ficara impressionado! ;)

  2. awesome ......i like ur pink lipstick ......

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