Imagine your summer in Miami Beach or Palm Springs? Have you ever imagined? Now, think in the perfect wardrobe…Jill Stuart gives the answer, and you don’t need to think a lot in this detail.

Jill Stuart makes everything so easy, just like a dream. The designer said after her show in the third day of New York Fashion Week: “I wanted it to look like a dream, a fantasy, a fairytale”. When we think in dream and fairytale, we always imagine sweat colors: bubblegum pinks, powder blues, mint green, beige and lemony yellows.

Who has been following this fashion week can conclude that, this last color (lemony yellows) will be present in many collections in the next season.

The silhouette feminine, elegant and charming was very present during the show of the designer. Moreover, the feminine and elegant silhouette is really common in her collections. For completing the figure of the young women, Jill Stuart adds some favoring textures to midi-skirts, playing with layers and low waists.

The palm trees and birds flying were the main prints on shirts, giving a light air and youngest.
Here in The Morning Magazine, we thought that the collection of Jill Stuart is adequate to her customers and very ready – to – wear in our daily life. 

by Maria Aires de Sá


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