“Welcome to year 3012”

Imagine when you're a child and think how will be the world in year 3012. We think that everything will be tecnologic, we will not need paper or move to much to get what we want. But...and the clothes? How will be the clothes? I imagine shine and minimalist clothes, without drapped and laces.

This is what i thought, when i saw for the first time the collection made by An Vandevorst and Filip Arickx - A.F.Vandevorst. These designers show us futuristic clothes in spring / summer 2011 collection.

Everything was monocrome: gold, silver and white. The best colors to use in this season.

Key pieces included jackets, blouses, chunky jumpsuits and scarf tops. The dresses are fluid in opposition of militar jackets. As it's normal in all collections of this season the carrot pants predominate in the runway.

In my case, I didn't know the two designers and was a surprise. It's very ready-to-wear and at the same time very classic.

Hope you like this collection girls!

by, Maria Aires de Sá

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