Also on the first day, one more designer presented a collection: Tony Cohen. This designer is known by using soft colors and draped, but in this time he used colors and materials a little different. In spite of being different, was no less interesting and attractive.

In AIFW, Tony Cohen (TC) use mainly silk chiffon, but some looks were more edgy than usual. TC combined sweat and soft, with dark an rough with masterfully, if you don’t belived, you can see in the next images!

The principal colors that we can see during the show were the petrol green, silver and fuchsia. The white and beige were used like complementary colors. The black, comes in the form of leather that was the surprise material in the show.

The mark of Tony Cohen is the draped and this show was no exception, the majority of dresses had this characteristic. The carrots pants predominate as well as the fluid shirts.

When I saw the show, I remember the times that we’ve to move the August fresh clothes to September warm clothes. The designer starts to present with fresh clothes, with light colors and finish with heavier materials and dark colors.   In my opinion, this passage was very gradual and successful, which is not always easy to do. 

For me it's an inspiration for the days that i don't know what to dress due the weather.

Hope you like the collection!

by, Maria Aires de Sá

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