Here in The Morning Magazine we like to keep you informed about all the fashion shows in the world. At this moment we’re focus on Amsterdam International Fashion Week (now you say – reallyyy???); this fashion week is full of brilliant designers and (believe in me)it was difficult to choose the best designer to show you.

If the first day are good (as you can see in Spijkers and Spijkers and Tony Cohen), the second day was even better, with the presence of Pauline van Dougen. For the designer it was the first time in AIFW, but that was no impediment to anything.

Paulina’s collection – “Kinetic Landscapes” – was a little different that all the others. The main characteristic of this collection, was the graphic lines and surprising shapes, that appears in the dresses or skirts. This attributes become the clothes sculptural, but at the same time minimalistic and wearable.

“For this collection Pauline was inspired by the powerful force of water and air, that both can make big changes to different landscapes”. An excellent example of a designer, that loves intellectual explanations.

Was it the last time that we heard of Pauline’s name??

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