The summer is still high, but we started looking to the collections of fall/ winter 2011-2012. There are so many designers that show us the amazing collections with fabulous details and incredible outfit. 

Karan create the company Donna Karan in 1984 with her late husband Stephan Weiss. For Donna Karan, "...designing is an expression of felling and emotions". This designer show us a collection to a cosmopolitan women, showing trough her clothes the energy and spirit of New York.

The public of the designer is a creative person who never knows where a day is going take them. She tries to mach the needs of people in all the situations, from work to weekend!

To Karan, DKNY is what Karan calls "The pizza to Collection's caviar". After that, it isn't to frighten when we see the collection to fall 2011 - is a reflection of the designer thought.

The collection with the name New York Moods start with a little note of men's wear and a vein of luxury. So, the first outfits of the runway was defined by color blocked tailoring, mixing up with motorcycle jackets and peter pan colar. The main colors were the black and white.

After this, we can see the color blocking back to the runways. Yes ladies, the color blocking continues to the next season. DK choose the red and pink, balanced by beige and black.

Another color that has continued, was the camel mixed with blue. The mixed colors was obtained in different ways: tweed, stripes and color-block.

Do you remember when we saw the fashion people before the fashion show? When we try discovering inspiration on street style? Well, it was what I think when I saw, for the first time, this collection. In my opinion, Donna Karan shows us the best way to match the clothes in our real life, but on a runway.

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